Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Back at it

Woo! So many of you know I commute via train into work everyday. I'll have you know I haven't had to do any train sprints lately, been rocking on that front! Sorry Jocelyn, no more "thanks Mr. Train conductor man, now I can marathons" moments! Anyways, for the past couple of months blogger hasn't let me update from my blackberry. But today I tried and look! Here I am on the train updating my bloggity blog. Victory.
So although I haven't been posting much I have started running and cross training again since surviving the sickness. You can see my progress in the side bar to the right. Went for my first 3.3 mile (such an odd number right? But I feel like that .3 counts for something) run in a long time (since my injury? 4..5 months?) this weekend and it felt so good. I'm very excited, a good friend from high school sent me a message the otherday, she's training for a half marathon at the beginning of May in Long Branch, NJ! Guess who is going to aim to do it? This gal. Can't wait, I'm so excited. Now if only I can start getting enough sleep so I can squeeze in long runs before those train sprints in the morning. Gotta love the train sprints.
On another note, I miss Lydia terribly. And I'm driving up to Rochester with Jocelyn this weekend for some fun!!! Joc, maybe we can run together this weekend? Yay? Nay?
Tonight I'm going to see the Harlem Globetrotters, wahoo!

Hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patricks day!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

short n' sweet

sorry i've been MIA.
in quick summary:
1. colorado was a-mazing!
2. i've been sick (damn you jocelyn!)
3. i've reached my first goal weight of 125 (what!). although probably as a result of being sick & not being able to eat much or keep food down for that matter. still, i'll enjoy it.
4. there is a cute boy in the picture... just having fun.. no expectations.. i'm enjoying this :)
5. i'm nauseous
6. the thought of running makes me nauseous
7. i still want to run the marathon in may even though i realize its not a realistic goal
8. i hope i get better quickly
9. i'm feeling restless.
10. i did some shooting last weekend, i can't wait to scan the negs. maybe i'll post a few here.
11. my friends are amazing. Lydia ran 9 miles and Jocelyn ran 7! someday I hope to be as awesome.
11a. i should add that jocelyn ran 7 miles in a thong. i didn't know that was humanly possible. she's nuts and i love it.
12. i'm nauseous & i'm going back to bed.
13. i promise i'll be back at it soon
14. its bad luck to end on number 13, so i'll end here.
good night :)