Thursday, July 23, 2009

12 miles, done!

The past week has been rough. Upon my retun from atlanta last Monday I learned a cousin had passed away tragically. He took his own life. Something that no one ever wants to face or anyone will ever understand. Its like a nightmare to think about and you never wake up from it. Ugh. My brother Bobby came down from Canada for the services and I did get to see him before I left so that was nice. I miss him a lot. A typical ride in the car with my brother from Thursday:

After all of those formalities I did have a good weekend, I went to a jazz and wine festival at Glenora with Seth and his family and it was a blast. He surprised his family with a gorgeous portable table he made and we had a big picnic overlooking the lake while listening to some good music. Can we just say perfect? His mom had all sorts of vegan foodstuffs for us, it was awesome! I made oatmeal cream sandwiches the night before to share with his family and those were a hit. I had Monday off so we took our time, stayed long after the band stopped playing and then went to Watkins Glen for some vegan soft serve ice cream. What!! I haven't had that since I went vegan! Amazing. He mapped out a 12 mile route for me to run and guess what.. I did it! Felt like I was going to die.. But I covered the distance and made a wrong turn or two along the way. Good times. Its weird running in rochester, a great way to see the city. Fortunately none of my wrong turns landed me in the ghetto. In all it was an awesome weekend. Annnndd.. Now I have some baking to catch up on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Right of passage!

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! I have the beginning of a black toenail!!!!! I know, I know, contain your excitement.. I've got enough for the both of us. I feel like its a right of passage, this black toenail thing. And while its just a small bit of my left index toe I still could not wait to share it with all of my running buddies because.. Well.. The general population thinks its gross and couldn't give two turds. But I've been working hard on sticking to my training schedule and feel this baby black toenail is a trophy. Annndd I will be covering it it nailpolish ASAP. Hahahaha

Saturday, July 4, 2009


10 miles! YEAH! so excited! the fun part about this training is everything is a personal record. i like this. Definitely felt the high on this run. felt amazing. now off to the beach! Happy 4th of July! Today I will also celebrate this day as independence from my hip. TAKE THAT HIP!

Friday, July 3, 2009