Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome to Hoboken run!

Well its been a while but I'm back at it! A lot has happened in since my first marathon in October little of which was actual running. I'd like to think as the past several months as cross training. I now live in a 3 floor walk up (which feels more like a 4 floor) and I'd like to think those stairs count for something! This past weekend I helped move my boyfriend Mike into his new apartment and he lives in a 4th floor walk up. I climb exactly 50 stairs each time I go up those stairs. Phew! If I don't have the most amazing butt by summer time I want a refund on my rent.. or something. But enough with the "cross training" blabber! Truth is I've done pretty much nothing exercise wise since 26.2 back on October 4th. But I'm back in the game it seems and I have set a tentative goal of running the Rochester Marathon on September 12th in Rochester, NY. I might be running with a few of my favorite people as well so this will be a great one that I'm looking forward to.

I now live in Hoboken, NJ so today was my first run not only since my marathon but also since I've moved to Hoboken! I was a little worried about having to stop for lights/cars but that was a non-issue since I ran along the Hudson River with a beautiful view of Manhattan. I think I'm going to enjoy running here. I did 3.6 miles in 38 minutes. Not bad for my first run back in the game. I feel good too. My right hip hurts a tiny bit but I stretched it out well. Quite a few of my friends here including my boyfriend and roommate are runners so I'm looking forward to running with them some days. Glad to be back! :)
Here was my running route for today:

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