Saturday, January 10, 2009

please please pray that I don't have a hip stress fracture

I went for my sports medicine appointment this morning and the news is even worse than before. There was some good news though, the MRI came back negative on my ankle! So that's good. But the reason I really needed to make it back in there was because my hip has continued to bother me and has not improved at all over the past month and a half. Upon further examination he determined that I do not have a hip flexor strain, that it was something else. He x-rayed my hip & came back in the room shook his head and said "Shannon, this really doesn't look good. Thank God you've not been running on land for the past month." He said based on the x-ray it looks like I have a hip stress fracture & if that wasn't bad enough its one of the worst kind I can have. He told me it looks like a femoral neck stress fracture, of the tension kind. If this is what I really have, if I had continued to run, he told me, the stress fracture would have been completed & my hip would have collapsed. He told me we'll see what the MRI says but I may need surgery to put a pin in my hip if I do have a fracture. He asked me a whole bunch of personal questions & then said he thinks he'll send me for a bone density test after the MRI results are back.

I'm devastated. I'm 25 years old & might need hip surgery. If I continued to run I may have even needed a hip replacement... I'm the kind of person that will say "it'll be okay, you'll be better soon & there is nothing to worry about." but it has really hit me that this could be serious. I am beyond upset. :(

No more running, can't even water run. Can't walk a whole lot, can't do anything that puts stress on my hip. Guess I'm going to be focusing on my upper body! He did say I can cycle if it doesn't hurt so we will see. I wonder where this leaves me as a photo assistant. I can't believe this. I really am turning into an old lady.

Here is more information on FNSFs:

Ladies, please please be careful. Don't do too much too fast. Do your cross training & listen to your body. I'm glad I listened or I'd probably be a lot worse off right now.


J said...

I am so sorry to hear this news : ( I hope that things get better for you and you have a quick recovery!

BX Kid said...

Wow. I didn't realize it was this bad. I'm so sorry shannon, I know how badly you wanted to run with us, or ever just run at all. You have an amazing spirit, don't lose this during all of this craziness. Take it easy and do what you can when you can. I am thinking about you. Please keep us updated!!! <3 Much love.

Lydia said...

Whatever you do don't feel like you've failed, you've just barely begun. When you are all better we'll still do the marathon, anywhere anytime I'm by your side!

Chic Runner said...

I'll be praying for you! Hope you are feeling better and the results turn out better and I hope you can keep your thoughts and spirit up!