Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roller Coaster of a Week

First: I don't have a stress fracture in my hip! YAY! This is great news. I'll probably be going for a second opinion just to make sure but I'm pretty confident in the news. The doctor said there is fluid and inflammation around the joint so this is probably what is causing the pain and restricted movement I'm experiencing. I have to see him next week some time and he'll probably be sending me for physical therapy.

The rest of this week has been nuts. 2 photo shoots, some great sales on etsy, and my aunt Doris passed away. The day after my boyfriend of over three years and I broke up in a single phone conversation. Oh well.. life goes on. The next day I was out again with my friends and probably had a little bit too much to drink (but that's allowed right?) and I sit here writing this a tad hung over while my mom waits in the car. Going upstate to see Renee & the baby & get our hairs cut!
Hows that for a quick update! I'm so behind on blogs I promise I'll read and comment sooon!!


Jocelyn said...

Well at least you won't have time to just sit around. You're hair will look FAB! I miss you and I'm glad you don't have a hip fracture. Now we need to go out as two single ladies and do the plan we always talked about...get fake engagement rings and go out for a bachelorette party every weekend. hehehehe

J said...

Well I am glad that it isn't a hip fracture. Hope things get better for you after that crazy week.