Monday, February 16, 2009

happy president's day on a stationary bike

So this morning I had plans to catch the early train and get my XTraining on at my NYC gym but much to my dismay all of the trains were running on a holiday schedule. GRRR! I planned on catching the 7:47am train but that doesn't exist on a holiday schedule. There was only a 7:31am and an 8:31am train. I literally just missed the 7:31am train & had to wait for the 8:31am. Gosh I LOVE THE TRAIN.
So I was late to work and had to stay late to make up time & decided to go to the gym on my way back home..
It was fine, I did the bike for 45 min & just above my left knee was bothering me a bit not sure why but I'll see how it feels tomorrow when I run. I also felt really odd on the stationary bike, it was one of those ones where you lean back into the seat. I hate those bikes! I feel so lazy sitting back like that. I feel like my upper body has nothing to do. I felt so awkward!
I must have been looking cute in my awkwardness though. A nice lookin fella walked past, met eyes with me.. then later came over, smiled, said something I couldn't understand, & walked away. LOL. I just smiled and nodded.. I have no clue what he said. I'm an idiot sometimes. But I was in no condition to carry on a conversation! When I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone.
Tommorow I'll run & maybe do some core later in the evening.

P.S. My runner's world log tells me I burned 500 something calories on that ride. THAT IS NOT TRUE. I think it gauges that based on riding outside.

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Jocelyn said...

Awesome! I act stupid too when guy say stuff to me, especially at the gym...oh hell, anywhere! I hate those bikes too. I try to get the ones where you're sitting more upright. but you have to remember those bikes are just for your legs! SO Don't feel too lazy.