Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Self, Get yourself out of bed!

When the alarm went off I wanted to hit snooze but I pulled a Jocelyn and said "Self, get yourself out of bed! If Jocelyn can wake up at 5am to do a run, you can wake up at 6:45am and do a run!"
So I did and it was great and now I have to shower before I catch the train. k tnx bye


Jocelyn said...

Good girl! Don't make me start calling you at 5am to make you get up with me!
I CAN SKI!!! Get ready Colorado! Here we come.
Great job on the run! I'm glad you aren't going to far and are keeping it easy! :)

J said...

careful with that knee pain you are having. Great job on the run!

Chic Runner said...

Way to get out of bed, I totally have that problem too I can never leave the warmth.