Monday, November 24, 2008

Aqua Fitness OH MY!

Hello all! I feel badly for my lack of updates here. I am sorry. Ever since not being able to keep up with my training I've been quite depressed and haven't felt I've had a whole lot to write about. But I am feeling better and getting out of my funk, I think. lets hope! So a few things.

Work has been very slow but seems to be picking up. This is good news! I thank my lucky stars for such a cool job. No two days are ever the same. Sometimes it wears me pretty thin though. And when its bad I'm stressed and down. But when its great I'm energized and excited for who I'll meet next or what challenge we'll encounter along the way. We did had a shoot today with a pretty well known runner for the cover of Runner's World!! Look for it in February!!! On the other hand looking at this runner's body makes me realize that I'll never look that good unless I work out 4 hours a day. I've met so many pro athletes in the past year its ridiculous. Its incredibly inspiring to see their strength and discipline. I'm sure my experiences this year put me in that crazy state of mind to think "sure I can run a marathon." I will run a marathon, but when body is ready. :)

In my effort to continue workin' on my fitness I've become increasingly interested in all sorts of fun water activities. I've never been much of a swimmer but the day the doctor said "STOP RUNNING NOW" I went out in mid november to buy a on piece bathing suit. I'd look like a fool doing laps in my red polka dotted bikini. So now I've got a hot red one piece bathing suit that is reversible! it can be black too. but if you've seen me you know how pale I am. I will not be wearing the black side. not without 5 spray tans!

So anyway, at my gym there are aqua fitness classes. and on my weekends when I'm home they fit nicely into my schedule. I have Aqua Aerobics on Saturday and Aqua Yoga on Sunday, So much fun! I'm probably the youngest person in the class, the rest are all older ladies. I LOVE them. they help show me the moves, yell at me when I'm kicking the wrong leg or moving my hands in the wrong direction in relation to my legs. I'm not very coordinated FYI. They all seem excited to have a young person in the class and make me feel so welcome. Its the best. I did not take the picture above I must say (and I don't know who to credit other than google.. im sorry......) but my class looks very simular. I was sore after this past Saturday's class!

Another cool thing I've discovered is Aqua Running! OMG THE COOLEST THING EVER. I went out this weekend and found myself a floatation device to strap around my waist and I jumped in the pool and ran! Your feet can't touch the bottom of the pool but you just run like you would on land and its a GREAT work out. I look kinda funny though. the belt makes me look like a heavy weight champion and as I run laps in the pool only my head hovers above water and I move much slower than the swimmers in the lanes next to me. Its hysterical if you watch me actually. People are probably like "What the hell.. is this girl for real?" I move so slowly while running like crazy underneath they probably think I am attempting to learn how to doggie paddle. It gets my heart rate up and I definitely broke a sweat. I LIKE IT! And I don't care what other people think, even that cute pool boy that smiles at me every time on my way out the door. wrapped in my towel. with my heavy weight champion belt. gosh i'm so sexy!

Speaking of old ladies, this girl learned how to knit! Sarah (my boss) taught me while we were in New Orleans for our cool Angola project. I love knitting. It makes my commute feel productive. She got me started and now I can't stop. I got some more yarn and needles and a couple of knitting books and spent Sunday teaching myself how to knit in the round and how to knit cords. I'm such an old lady. My parents laugh at me. They say ever since my hip problems I've turned into an old lady and started knitting! That is partially true. But hey I finished a scarf and a baby bootie this weekend. I can't wait to start making all sorts of fun things. Maybe I'll open up my own shop. I love that site, its great.

Its late, I'm exhausted & I want to get up to aqua run in the morning. So I am outta here! Thank you so much everyone for your notes of support and love. They mean a lot to me.

Jocelyn's joined a gym (i think? have you yet?) to stay out of the cold and Lydia is sick now but was rockin' the runnin' in the frigid Colorado altitude! Keep going ladies I'm cheering you on. And running along side you in the pool :)

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BX Kid said...

OMG,I love you! Sounds like so much fun!!! :) Rock on with your bad self.
I learned how to knit 5 years ago, it's like pringles, once you pop you just can't stop! Or i guess, once you knit you just can't stop!
I'm joining next week! I wanted to get the full use of my time at the gym, and since I was gone last weekend and will be gone thursday-monday, I figured I should hold off.
Miss you! Congrats on your new work out!