Sunday, November 2, 2008

The SMC Weekend Update

(not to be confused with the snl weekend update.)

What a weekend! I went out and cast my absentee ballot vote, I took Mei out for a run with me, ran 6 miles for the first time, and I watched the NYC Marathon (on tv)! It was such a beautiful fall weekend how could I not enjoy it all?

I took Mei out for my first time 6 miler on Saturday and I was worried whether or not she could do it with me but she did great. Although there is one section of the road that is quite dangerous with no real shoulder where I was not so happy about running with her. She kept pulling away from me to run in the middle of the road so I had to hold her tight. She's so strong though that I ended up running for .25 miles with my shoulder all tight while holding her close. Needless to say I cramped up and I wasn't very happy! Thats the last time I'll bring her on that route.. I need to find some other routes that are Mei-Mei friendly...

I ran 6 miles on Saturday and felt amazing. Felt like I could've kept going! So I decided I'd do another 6 miles on Sunday... Well I did.. & I think I over did it. I started to feel slightly dizzy during the last 10 min of the run and my hands were swollen. I kept going though, I wasn't that far away from home! I finished well & did a nice long stretch. I had some water, ate, & afterwards I felt incredibly nauseous, had a terrible headache, and I was freezing despite my 70 degree house. I realized what I ate had nearly zero sodium so I quickly made myself some veggie broth and had some toast with butter & in a couple minutes I felt so so much better.

So I don't really know what happened there but I didn't like it & I'm glad I'm feeling better now. I might need to start bringing water or food with me on these longer runs?

But hey.. I never dreamed I'd be able to run 12 miles in one weekend. that is cool.

I'm watching the Frankie Valley & The Four Seasons on ice special and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Frankie Valley. The music just energizes me and is so nostalgic. I wish I lived during that era. There is nothing like it & music is so lame nowadays. My grandfather is an incredible musician and was asked by Frankie Valley before they were big to play in his band but he refused.. He regrets that decision but hey.. we still love him the same! I want to see Jersey Boys so badly.

On the NYC Marathon, how inspiring. I wanted Kara Goucher to win so badly in her marathon debut! Still proud of her 3rd place finish though, nice to see an American on that podium! Paula is incredible.. and how about 40 year old Petrova? Wow! I think it'd just be great to be a part of that huge mass of consciousness pounding the pavement, breathing in synch.. I've never run in a group like that. I just run with my dog around my neighborhood!

p.s. John McCain on SNL last night anyone? I thought it was hysterical! The pork knives! The Palin T Shirt!

p.s.s. Might be out of town until Wednesday for a shoot. but I won't know until probably hours before I have to leave. its dumb. grr. Either in DC or Miami. Either way, I start training for that half marathon this week so you better believe I'm bringing my running shoes..


J said...

What did you eat after your run? Depending on the food or your stomach it can cause you to feel sick for a while.

There is no snow here right now but it was coming down and melting on the ground last Wednesday!!

I run the loop A LOT! Its not so bad now but I haven't run it in the snow so we will see!

j. said...

Congrats on a 12 mile weekend! Awesome job. Is Mei a standard poodle? That is awesome that she can run with you. I am going to take my German Shorthair on her first run tomorrow, we will see how she takes to it:-)

shannon said...

J- I had a smoothie with some strawberries, soy milk, ice, pomegranate juice, and ground flax seed. i put a scoop of soy protein powder in there too. it very well could've made me feel sick..

j.- yes Mei is a standard poodle! She could probably outrun me. she's cut like a body builder! i want to see pictures of your dog!