Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i am sidelined

i am sad to say i have officially been sidelined by my doctor. no more running allowed for me for at least the next two weeks.. this means no half marathon in January & he told me I shouldn't plan on running the marathon in May :(. I got a shot of cortisone in my hip (wow that hurt..) and an x-ray on my ankle. I have to go back for an MRI this week too. There are a whole host of things he found wrong, none of which suprised me.. but I was suprised to hear him say I shouldn't run the marathon in May. if i follow his orders and give my body time to heal i should be back to running and maybe I'll be able to do a half marathon in may instead of the full? i cried in the office.. i was so excited to do this with lydia and jocelyn. i feel like i'm letting them down. :( :( :( but seriously boys and girls, i've been walking like an old man in need of a hip replacement, its not pretty. i'm pretty depressed about it all. probably have gained a gazillion pounds too. i can swim though.. i always hated swimming, maybe i'll like it now. i can ride a stationary bike in moderation but no spinning class. there are a few exercises he prescribed me to do in moderation too. but i pretty much have to focus on getting better now. and i hope all of this fancy medical stuff doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.. that would be really. really bad timing.

so yeah, i'm bummed out big time. i'm not even allowed to walk any long distances! :( on the up side, i'm going to focus more on my photography and getting involved in some volunteer projects in the ny/nj area. seems like some things are already coming together, which would be great great news.


J said...

Oh I am so sorry - that is too bad that you can't run and can't do the marathon. I hope you feel better. I know it stinks to sit out and not be able to run but maybe if you heal then you will be able to run a marathon later on.

BX Kid said...

Oh babe, that's crap! I know how you feel though. When I was out with my ACL injury it was like someone smacked me. Sucks ass. You should still come out to SD with us to cheer us on, and have a martin with my sister and Alane. Love you much. You are my hero. Chin up girl. Come to the Bronx and shoot with me. You must still take some pictures of Rigby. :)

j. said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that! That totally sucks. Well, hopefully it will feel better way sooner than you think, and you will be back to training. Good luck:)