Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh Happy Rest Day

Today was a beautiful and uneventful rest day! Turns out I'm not going to DC or to Miami so that is good news because that means I can start training for the Carlsbad Half Marathon tomorrow in familiar territory! Next week I go to New Orleans for 3 days though so we will see if I can map out some routes to run. So excited. I have a polar heart rate monitor but it doesn't have a pedometer in it so I will just have to guess on my pace. I'm not to worried about my pace for the easier runs but for the tempo runs I want to make sure that I'm not slacking off. I wonder if there is a way to mark my time with my watch so I can figure out what my splits are? Hmm.. I have to look into that. Or I could just figure it out on my own the old fashioned way :)

Does anyone else watch Samantha Who? That show cracks me up! I love it. I enjoy the moments when I can actually sit down and watch TV.. especially when there is something on that can make me laugh.

My stomach hurts. I ate peanut butter and jelly. made me happy like I was a kid again. except I never remember feeling icky after eating it..! I'm debating on whether or not I should accompany my Mom to the polls at 5am. She works the polls all day tomorrow, its going to be a tough job! I'm interested to see the lines. I already voted absentee because I thought I'd be out of town but I feel weird not going to the polls since I am going to be here.. I just want to check it out and see! This is history man! Maybe I'll bring my camera to document what I see. Or maybe I'll sleep instead. I do have to get up and run though. oh decisions. I'm thankful I have these decisions to make though. very thankful.


Danica said...

Bring the camera! :) Should be exciting!

j. said...

I would be so sad to not go to the polls! You should totally go.

p.s. I totally watched Samantha Who? last night. So cute.

BX Kid said...

I hope you are doing well and your body is feeling better! I miss you