Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeeenn brrr!

Happy Halloween!!! With you today I share my favorite halloween picture by yours truly
Meet Adhesive, he's Mandy Malkin's cat & entirely neurotic but awesome at the same time. He wishes you a Happy Halloweeeeenn. 

This morning's run was FROSTY! Its that time of year again when we start to see the beautiful frost on front lawns. I used to admire it from my car on the way to school but now I'm all up close and personal with Mr. Frost and it feels good! So normal run this morning, felt ok.. hip was hurting a tad but I took it easy & I'm just focusing on building strength and endurance. I really want to start increasing my mileage, I'd love to try that half marathon in January. Last night I did a core workout for an hour while watching The Office and 30 Rock. I must say I'm a little disappointed in the office this season thus far. Its not the same with Pam so far away! I can relate to her in many ways. 

Here are my workout logs from yesterday & today:

This morning on the subway I was semi-subway surfin' when three happy foreigners walked on the train and stood in the corner with me. Two men and one woman, all speaking a language I didn't understand. She was wearing a hat like me and smiled at me when they walked on. I thought oh what a nice thing to see in the morning, someone smiling! And then I noticed one of them was wearing an ING NYC Marathon badge. I got so excited.. I was in the presence of 3 other wackjobs that want to run a marathon! There were four of us in one spot! As I got off at my stop I tapped the woman on the shoulder and wished them all luck in the marathon. They turned around and with big smiles all said "THANKS!!!" and waved goodbye. Made my morning. Its cool to see people from all over the world come to the city to run a race. Very cool indeed. Maybe someday I'll run the NYC Marathon. But first lets see if I can even make it through half of one let alone a full one!

What are your plans for Halloween?


J said...

I just finished reading all your past posts and I am very excited to watch your progress to running the marathon! I also can't believe that you recognized the building in the photos! I saw you are running with your two friends, did they go to college with you??

Danica said...

So cute! Love the posts! :) Good luck in the half, you can totally do it, I thought I couldn't do and then all of a sudden I was at mile 11, and I was thinking, whoa, two more miles and I'm done! I'm with you on running the NYC marathon though!

j. said...

Awesome picture! I so admire that you are able to do core work while you watch TV. I always think that I will do that, and then I end up just sitting there:)