Saturday, October 11, 2008

little jaunt with the poodle

What a beautiful morning in the neighborhood! Its weekends like these that I really appreciate not living in New York City. The morning dew on the gorgeous green lawns, the houses decorated for halloween, the sun streaming through the trees onto the pavement (and into my eyes)... so pretty! I decided to take Mei Mei out with me on my run and boy was she excited. I think it was good that I brought her, she forced me to slow down and take it easy. My goal was to not push myself too hard today so I am ready for tomorrow! I am a tad nervous for tomorrow though I have to say.. I have this fear that all the sudden I won't be able to finish the full race. I just have to remember that I'm racing myself and no one else. I don't think I'll run this race much faster than what I've been doing already, I haven't been doing speed work or anything.. Maybe I'll run even slower depending on the terrain. We'll see! Either way the goal is for Jocelyn and I to complete our first 5k!

How bad is it I don't even remember the distance that I used to run for the cross country team? I don't even remember my best time. I just remember there were a lot of hills in that holmdel park, a lot. That was about 11 years ago!

p.s. sorry that hip lift thing plays automatically! i can't figure out how to get it to stop!

p.s.s. i just figured out how to stop the auto play, i edited the html. i'm so 733T!

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