Thursday, October 9, 2008

where's the gun show, yo

Very glad I went to the gym after I got home, I feel so much better now :) I was there for an hour and did all sorts of fun things that look sexy. I am such a hard body I can't stand it. WHERE'S THE GUN SHOW!?

Good news, my headache is gone! I'm up early to go for an easy run tomorrow, I think I'm going to try for 4.75 miles this time around.. depends on what time I get out the door though. I bet I'm going to be pretty damn sore from the gym today too. So maybe I'll just stick with the 3.3ish miles that I've been doing.

In other news, Jocelyn fell today :( this makes me very sad and worried for her. I think she should go to a doctor very soon. GO TO A DOCTOR JOCELYN BEFORE I TAKE YOU TO MINE! we are supposed to run a 5K this Sunday but I think right now it depends on the Joc Joc's leg/knee situation. I want her better ASAP! Lyddie is doing well, sounds like today she hit the gym Shannon style 30min before I'm supposed to be at work. I'm usually running out the gym while putting on my clothes & doing my hair so I can make it in on time and look half presentable for my 5 min walk to the office. lol. Lydia worked it double time. GO LYDS!

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