Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i love my Under Armour

This morning's run was good. It was chilllyyy! My senior year (the first senior year..) in college i invested in some under armour so I could run in the freezing Rochester climate. I think I went running around the loop once that winter, that was the first time I realized I could run 3 miles no problem! Victory. Then I never did it again.. haha. Instead my investment sat in my drawer and I only wore it on Mt. Hope photo shoots with Lydia in sub zero Rochester weather. I have a feeling I'm going to put it to good use this winter, I'd like to continue running outside as long as the winter is tame and the hills aren't too icy. 
So I have a dilemma. I want to take my dogs running with me but sometimes I feel like holding the leash hinders my ability to move my upper body freely when I run. Normally this wouldn't be a problem if my beloved poodles would run right along side me, but Mei-Mei the nut will take a mile if you give her an inch and Guinness hasn't been out running with me yet. Guinness finally has a hair cut so he looks like a normal handsome dog  so I'm thinking I'll give him a shot. He's not as obedient as Ebby was, and he is Mei-Mei's son so I'm expecting a stallion out of this one. Although he does seem more attentive and thoughtful than Mei-Mei, he's like Ebby in that way. So we'll see. Maybe I'll try him over the weekend. I feel guilty not running with my buds. I did notice my time was better when not running with the Mei-Mei but that might have just been the day..
In other news, at the suggestion of my dear Jaime the physical therapy student she recommended I get a foam roller to help with my IT band pain. THIS THING IS AMAZING. It allows me to practice Self Myofacial Release techniques on myself to help with the pain and releasing tension. It was really painful at some points but I felt so much looser in my hips and legs when I was finished. So yes I watched the presidential debates in the most weird positions. I'm going to get addicted to using this thing, I think it will really help me. Here is one of the exercises I did last night (this one was the most painful..):
I LOVE this thing. I am hurting right now. I wish I could stuff it in my purse. But the thing is huge! its 3ft long and 6inches in diameter. Cue jocelyn "that's what she said!"


BX Kid said...

THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. Dang it you beat me too it! Where did you find that? Just local sport store? Target? I really am trying to strengthen my core.
If you spend a couple running sessions training the young pup the correct way to run with you, you should eventually have no problems and be able to loosen up the control. What kind of lease do you have? One of those release ones might work better.
Don't worry to much about time right now...although it is very impressive! Better than my 16 minute mile....
Where do you get your chart that shows how far you run in your blog?

shannon said...

i ordered it online!
its called a foam roller, i got the black one. hahah that would have made my description of it even funnier!

I have a choke collar on mei when we run, nothing ever phases her. this is the dog that repeatedly runs through the electric fence set at its most intense setting to chase deer. she's nuts! a nut job!

the charts are screenshots from my training log at set one up! i love it! and you can map out routes so you know how far you are running. DO IT!