Thursday, October 9, 2008

today is a rest day

today was supposed to be a rest day but before i left for work i hopped on the scale and was 2.5lbs heavier than i was yesterday. this makes me very upset. so after work i'm going to the gym. i'm very upset about this :(


BX Kid said...

My love, you are probably gaining muscle! Don't beat yourself up over 2.5 pounds! By the time we get to may those 2.5 lbs will be long gone and you won't remember them! Just go strong :) You are sexy

Lydia said...

Yeah don't worry about that too much. A gain like that can be from a number of different things, water retention, muscle gain etc. Just be consistent about the time of day you are weighing yourself and keep up the hard work in a few weeks you'll notice a difference!

Lydia said...

"...the intensity of weight training can be a double edge sword. When beginning an exercise program, muscle mass increases may out pace fat losses, resulting in a small initial weight gain."

Maybe your fat cells are too lazy to burn up just yet ;-)