Wednesday, October 29, 2008

half marathon?!

will I be ready for a half marathon on January 25th? Y/N? I have no idea..

Its in beautiful sunny Carlsbad, CA. I could plan to visit Jon that weekend. I love Carlsbad! Oh my gosh there are so many races out there in the San Diego area. La Jolla! America's Finest City Half!

If I'm training for this Marathon in May I should squeeze in a couple of races before right? get used to the weather out there? excuse to visit jon? not that I need an excuse :).

Maybe I'm dellusional?

I need to gradually start increasing my mileage on the weekends. I really would love to run some races before May.. and I love California..

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Lydia said...

I think it's a great idea to fit some races in before the marathon in May. I am thinking I want to do a half marathon in March or April though. If you feel like you can get yourself to the 13 mile distance by january without injuring yourself then go for it.

I might suggest finding something in Feb or March though just because we've all had a rough start with injuries. Maybe we can find one in Las Vegas?! hmmm?? Ok fine so seeing Jon is more fun than seeing me but I'm tossing in Vegas! Lol I miss you!