Monday, October 13, 2008

morning thoughts from the train

I felt so good yesterday after that run that I wanted to do it again later that day but I forced myself to rest. I wanted to go running again this morning but I told myself yesterday I'd let myself rest since I've ran 3days in a row. If anything I'll go to the gym when I get home.. After a couple drinks at ole's last night I wasn't feeling getting up early to catch an ealier train today. I have a gym in nyc that I now will be able to get a locker for the year! Thanks to Sarah for that generous birthday gift! No more dragging gym clothes and sneakers back and forth. So now its a matter of getting up early and catching the train on days I want to strength train. Their night classes are good but all of them force me to take a much later train home and then I have no time to eat dinner before I go to sleep and get up to do it all over again. And I am not bring dinner into the city with me too. I need to feel grounded and its not going to be at work. I will go insane. I need homebase to be HOME. I love the gym at home, its not that crowded and the people are nicer. Also the lighting doesn't make me want to fall asleep. I like dim lights but not when I'm struggling to see what weight I've chosen on a machine. Plus there are a lot of macho hard body men at the nyc gym and I hate their type. Ugh! That's the after work crowd before work is a different story and I much prefer that scene...
the reality of not having a car is settling in.. I'm pretty upset about it, Jimmy is in the hospital and I don't know if he's going to make it. I also have zero money for a car. I'm living paycheck by paycheck now as it is. I'm pretty bummed.
In other news IM SO PROUD of jocelyn for running that 5K! She did amazing and has only been at this for a week! Welcome to week #2!

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BX Kid said...

Choose the gym that has the best eye candy hahahaha. I love you girl!