Thursday, October 23, 2008

thank you mr train man

So lately my schedule's been a lil rough. Been going to bed late, not getting up early enough to run, or make the train on time...I am determined to make that train every morning so like we discussed, I think in place of those mornings when I'm not able to squeeze in a run, let's get stuck behind an old person or better yet a school bus and sprint to that train as fast as you can because it'll already be in the station waiting to leave you behind. That's what I've done the past three days and today I really I mean really went all out. I made it onto the train and sat two seats behind the room where the train conductor sits. Well at the next stop he took a short break from the wheel and stepped out and said "man, I've never seen people run like this until I started driving this train!"I started laughing and he looks at me and goes "yeah, you! don't think I didn't see you!" He laughed then said "you're looking like a marathon runner!" I took a sip of water and replied "I'm training..."

Lol. Good to know these train sprints are doing something for me. And hey, my hip feels great! Maybe the break was a good idea.

I might have a weekend running buddy, my friend from high school/long lost sister Dana likes to run in cheesequake park. I asked her if she wanted to run a marathon and she said "hell no! But I'll run in the park with you!" Yay! An excuse to hang out with Dana. We always have so much fun together working the auctions and we always wonder why we never hang out, every. single. auction. And then when we leave we're like hey let's get together! And then we don't. So I'm going to call her one of these weekends to go for a run.

So here's to mr train man (not to be confused with mr ice cold beer man) , thank you for making my day. "You're looking like a marathon runner!" Not yet mr train man! But soon! God willing!


BX Kid said...

Bud lite presents Real Men Of Genius (real men of genius)

Today we salute you Mr Train man conductor dude (mr train man conductor dude). God willing, you will wait at the platform long enough for the business men, old ladies, and the kid with a broken leg to sprint to the train (I'm not gonna make it). You and you alone get the most out of shape people to get off their ass and run each morning as fast as they can (I'm in such great shape now) So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr Train man conductor dude, because even the old lady sitting next to me, can now run a marathon.(mr train man conductor duuuude.)

Yeah, that I just wasted like 5 minutes writing that. <3 love you. glad you made it

Alane said...

Amazing Shannon. Amazing. I'm so proud of you Girls. Can't wait to watch you run. I'll cheer my little heart out.

Lydia said...

Oh for the love of God! I can't stop laughing! Shannon that's awesome way to go!

And Jocelyn genius! I'm about to cry I'm laughing so hard!