Tuesday, October 7, 2008

does running to the train count as training?

Seriously. If I leave work at 6:03pm I make the 6:09pm path train that gets me to my train in Newark with enough time to actually be civil to my fellow commuters. If I leave later than 6:03 I miss the 6:09pm path train and catch the 6:12-6:14pm one instead. Now a few minutes might not seem like a big deal, but when you get into the station and see the 6:43pm train sitting there you run to that train. I mean RUN. Don't get in my way, I need to get on that train. Because when I don't make it, I sit in newark for another 45 minutes listening to a room full of smelly obnoxious people talking loudly in another language (usually hindi.). UGH! So yeah, I all out sprint to that train. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I fall on my way down the ramp and my blackberry goes flying (that's only happened once haha..). I figure that 30 second sprint has to count for something. Maybe speed work? And hey, if I'm running late in the morning and I sprint to the train (like I did this morning too) that's another 30 seconds! That's a whole minute of train sprints. Maybe I'll log those. Better yet, maybe I'll wear my heart rate monitor and start recording these express sprints. Maybe I can start a class with my fellow commuters while we wait for our next train. Newark Penn Station needs an aerobics studio. Or a track. So I can get better at these train sprints and it doesn't take me 2.5 hours to get home.

I'm not bitter...


In other news my gym at home in nj has spin classes at 8am on saturdays and sundays!!!!!! This is soo exciting. I never could bring myself to make the 5am class...

Was planning on going to the gym tonight to do a more substantial work out than what I did this morning but the debates are on! So I'm going to watch those instead. I'll run tomorrow morning. I better. I ate some things I feel guilty about now, going to have a very light dinner..

That's the other thing! I don't eat dinner until 9-10pm at night with this damn commute. UGH!


Lydia said...

I'm with you in the whole commute thing! I wish I could leave work at the same time everyday though. Like today we have 2 4:45 appointments and this doctor doesn't go through paitents quickly which means I probably won't leave work til after 6, if I'm lucky.

And yes running to the train counts! lol

BX Kid said...

If running to the train counts...does thinking about you running to the train count? hahaha. Sounds like we all are having the issue of commuting taking up too much time. Get up and run tomorrow :)