Sunday, October 19, 2008

9.2 miles in two days!

I've been bored with my normal 3.3 mile route so this weekend I decided to change it up a bit and incread my mileage a tad. Keep in mind.. although I started this blog on my birthday a couple weeks ago, I was running semi-consistently since July this summer & I haven't changed my route since. So this weekend I gave 4.6 miles a try and the results were good. Not only did I change my route.. but I also tried eating before my run which made a difference. Normally I don't eat before I run because I get up so early and I need to wait 2 hours after eating before I run. If I don't I feel it. Believe me, I've tried. with not so great results. So I tried some new things this weekend and I feel good about them. Not sure I can eat before I run in the mornings but maybe I'll try something light like a banana before I head out the door. Its been taking me 45min to run 4.6 miles so I think I can manage that in the morning provided I make it a point to wake up earlier. We'll see about that.. lol. I increased my overall mileage this week by about 4 miles too. Lets see if I can keep myself at 4.6 every morning. maybe I'll try a long run over the weekend next week too. I haven't done one of those yet, I'm a little nervous.

In other Shannon's smokin' hot bod news I have something going on that is really attractive. my hip is snapping when I run. you can't hear it but I can definitely feel it and its mildly painful. i think its related to my hip pain that i've been having, which seems to be more intense after a period of rest. any ways, i did some searching online for what i can do to help stop this phenomenon and it turns out i have to do more stretching and strengthening exercises for my left hip flexor. big suprise! my hips hate me so much. they are very tight. my flexibility is fairly good in all areas except for my hips. take a look at what i have to do to remedy this problem. i don't think i have torn cartilage like the article says because i am no where near an elite athlete lol. in fact, when i mention i run people look at me weird.. like.. reallly? you? shannon? run? what? even when i mentioned i was going to run a 5k with Jocelyn I was met with speculation. whatever. forget it when i mention a marathon. people laugh. in reality that translates to "I can't imagine doing that myself.. and the fact that you want to do that makes me feel uncomfortable. you can't do that." oh well.. that's their problem!

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BX Kid said...

You know...I'm not sure I can even picture you running...and I can only picture Lydia running because I ran with her. I've gotten positive responses when I tell people about running. I think because i look more stalky, like and athlete...You look more sexy, like a model. :)
Ask Jaime about what to do for your hip. I got some advice about what to do for my shins. She is my new hero. I want her to be my PT!
I am SO proud of you for running so far! Thats so amazing. SO amazing. You go girl! I normally can't eat before I run either. Finding something light is the best option, but is not always easily. No carbs, that weights you down.
Jon better watch out! All this exercising you are doing you're going to have boys all over you! Or hell, I'll be all over you! :)