Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jocelyn is running the 5k today! not me :( car broke down, didn't make it there.

I ran the best yet this week! I am happy about that but I am pretty bummed out because today I was supposed to be running with Jocelyn in the 5K. I was really looking forward to it and was so excited for us to run our first race together. This morning I stopped by an ATM to get cash for the race entry and then I was going to get on the Parkway to drive to the Bronx where the race was when my car started to make this very strange and disturbing noise. I sounded like someone was farting on the radio! I thought to myself.. "damn, that's an annoying commercial" but then I noticed when I slowed down the noise would subside a little bit and then music started back up and the damn farting noise was still there. then the brake lights on my dashboard started to flash then the check engine soon light then they all flashed and my car seized up and stopped! mind you, this all happened in less than a minute. i could hardly believe it was happening, i was so excited to race with Jocelyn today.
Fortunately I was at the base of the hill near my house so I called my dad and he came down to check it out. he brought a battery jump starter and we tried to start the car when the alternater started to smoke.. doesn't look so good for Jimmy. I'm sad. We waited about 30 min for them to come tow my car away to the dealership to be fixed. We think the battery shorted out and by the looks of it maybe zapped the alternator too.. smelt like burnt electronics :( I was so sad to see them take Jimmy away. It was like he was going to the hospital or something. I wanted to cry. Might be time for a new car soon, Jimmy seems to be struggling as of late. Lets pray its just the battery.. financial times are tough right now..
Weird thing is my dad was worried about me driving there when I left, he didn't want me to drive there. and he rarely worries about me like that. but this morning he was really uneasy. So I've decided not to tempt fate and just to take this day at home as a gift. I'm staying in today.
Anyways, maybe I'll start running to the train station! I'm sure Joe Wall Street will not appreciate a sweaty girl sitting next to him on the train though. or maybe he will. i am pretty cute.
I would call my run today a tempo run. I pushed myself to run a pace the whole way that was uncomfortable and I would have been happy to slow down.. there was no holding a conversation with me! But I just kept thinking about Jocelyn busting her butt to run this race today on her own and how I better bust my butt and work equally just as hard holding up my end of the bargain. I also changed up my run a little bit and ran a bit further than my usual 3.3. Probably did more like 3.4-3.5. In 28:30! thats a pretty good time for me. I feel good.

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BX Kid said...

I love you! You were missed but you did AWESOME on your run! how are you in such good shape? You are my inspiration. 28 minutes for 3.4 miles? Holy crap! You are so good.
I need to start running in central park or a bigger park at least that has a lot of flat areas. Miss you girl! :)
You running with you big bags to the train station is a funny thought