Sunday, October 26, 2008

great weekend :)

Back at it this weekend! Yesterday was a drag. I did the 4.6 miles & I felt like I was going to die. I came back after the run and said to my mom "I'm so out of shape." I also didn't take into account I had just kicked a migraine in the arse.. or rather the migraine kicked my arse. and i was in migraine recovery mode... feels a lot like a hangover without the headache. Anyway afterwards I thought to myself.. man.. I ran almost 5 miles without walking and I think I'm out of shape? some people can't even run half a mile let alone 5! Then I realized I'm pretty hard on myself. Thats no revelation though. I'm always at competition with myself. I guess part of this journey for me is learning not to be so competitive and to listen to my body and appreciate it for what it can do, not punish myself for what I wasn't able to do..
Then I went running this morning and it was amazing. Amazing! I felt great. I brought Mei-Mei too, lately she's been depressed I think. She hasn't been the same since Ebby died :(. I still can't believe Ebby is gone. I see it in Mei-Mei's eyes she's sad & I feel I owe it to her to take her out on more runs. And today I even hit a new personal record! I ran my 4.6 route in under 45min! With Mei! And it was a personal record for her too, she's never done any more than 3 miles :) She keeps my spirits up, I love her.
I ate really clean this weekend too. Fruit, veggies, homemade hummus, butternut squash soup. oh I love fall :) great weekend. now I'm off to work a charity wine auction! I have to get all dressed up. fancy schmancy deal. its at Nicholas in Red Bank, voted in the top 10 restaurants in the US. I we're auctioning off vacations, bottles of wine, season tickets, you name it. its a pretty crazy event but it will be interesting to see how people will be spending their money this year. Last year I had no problem coaxing $3,000 out of the gentlemen for a bottle of wine. this year my job will be tough. work it vana! The proceeds go to The Manna House, a shelter/support organization for women who are victims of domestic abuse or just need help. Its a great event, looking forward to it!

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BX Kid said...

Wow! that's really amazing girl! more power to ya!!
Running with music is good and bad. You have to have a good mix that has the same up pace tempo. I am still weeding out songs that I didn't realize were so slow. I like both (with and with out music). Sometimes the buds fall out of my ears which is so annoying.
Shin splints feel like your shins are going to break or split in half and come out of your leg. Every time you run on them it is a sharp pain that you feel in your entire shin. There are a couple of reason why I have them. Most common is running on hard surface and over use. I have them because my ankles are weak and I run on my toes. The stress and strain on the shins is never good. Plus the hard surface sucks. I try to stretch them by walking on my heels. Just be glad you don't have them!!