Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a break

After this weekend's runs I decided to take a rest on monday, my left hip has been hurting me more than ever. I was on my feet all day at work for a shoot and then going up and down stairs with 75lbs worth of equipment. Not sure you could call that a rest day though maybe more like a strength day? By the end of the day on the train I was in a lot of pain, its hard to describe.. Its not that sore muscle kind of pain but it came in more of a pulsing form up and down my leg with some muscle twitching here and there. Really strange. And really uncomfortable. I couldn't sit still. And I walk like I need a hip replacement. I've taken aspirin 3x in the past day and a half with no releif. The only way I can describe it is growing pains. You know those pains you'd get in your legs when you were a kid? I used to get them real bad. That's what it feels like. Maybe I'm going to grow 5 inches. But I like my height, no fair!
This morning I planned on getting up and going for a run but I saw that the trains were running late and we have another shoot today so I can't risk being late for that.. I had to skip the run and catch the earlier train. Just as well, I think two rest days are well deserved, I bust my ass on that pavement.
We have an auction today too so since sunday we've been setting up and I've been going to the auction hall after work. Lugging heavy boxes, furniture, and today mental excercise dealing with smart ass dealers at the sale. All that has got to count for some form of cross training. I just know I'm tired. Can't wait for the weekend, think I'm going to see a doctor about my hip. I just know there is a dumb way to do things and a smart way. And if I want to seriously make it to May,do well and go beyond that, I better take care of myself now.

I'll be back at it tomorrow, depending on what time the sale ends tonight.

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