Tuesday, October 7, 2008

morning thoughts

On the train, don't feel like reading so I'll post here instead. I am sore. The end.

I did get up and do some core exercises this morning though. And then I ate a banana. My hip is hurting especially, going to stretch that as much as I can today. Doesn't help that I sit at a desk most of today. In the weirdest chair I've ever sat in. Its supposed to be good for your back but I think sometimes it ends up giving me a headache! Blah! Must be the position of the chair relative to the desk, it can never get close enough for me so I end up leaning forward. Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me...
Work time. Going to Ole's sometime this week for my birthday! Yay! And then getting my hair done on saturday! Yay! I need a massage but I don't have the $$$. Maybe someday.

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