Thursday, October 30, 2008

subway surfin' shannon style

So we all know about my train sprints. I make those count. In my never ending endeavor to entertain myself I've come up with yet another way to get a workout on my way to work. Subway surfin'. That's right Mr. Wall Street, I don't want your seat. I'm workin my core. You see its quite similar to balancing yourself on an upside down bosu ball. So stand in the middle of the train, renegade, you don't need no steel bar to balance yourself. You're already equipped with everything you need. Firmly planted feet shoulder width apart, strong thighs, abs tight, and elbows bent at a 90 degree angle slightly out at your sides for balance. Do this for the entirety of your subway ride and you're sure to see results in a few short months. So no thanks mr. "sorry I thought you were pregnant" or mr considerate nice guy who leaves you some bar holding room, I'm making the most of my time. I've got a marathon to run. So I'm closing my eyes and envisioning the cool breeze of ridin' a wave. Because surely anything is better than the reality of being shoved between a sumo wrestler and the natural soap enthusiast.

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