Friday, October 17, 2008

i am so sleepy

So today I got my locker for the year at the gym! Yayy!!! I'm so excited now I don't have to carry my ginormous bags everywhere with my sneakers and gym clothes. Much easier.I went to girls night tonight after the gym and I felt incredibly weird and I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized, I'm an old person now because usually I'm in bed by 9:30-10pm! I missed the train so I sat in newark for 40 minutes. I was on the phone with jon, I must have yawned 50 times I felt bad. I'm still on the train. This late night train thing is a pain in the you know what. Its going to take me 2.5hrs to get home. At least I worked the hell out of that stability ball at the gym. Crunches, roll ins, pushups, squats, reverse crunches... If there's one thing I've been slacking on its core stuff because honestly I'd rather run. I need to find a happy balance. Lydia wrote a beautiful post today, reminds me of something I read yesterday. Ill post more about it tomorrow when I'm more awake and not freezing. Why is the air conditioner on in the train? Ps jenna is going to run in the marathon too, along the spectator lines. With margarita in hand! Haha, it was great to see everyone tonight. I feel so disconnected sometimes. I'm sleepy and my stop iis coming up. Night night :)

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BX Kid said...

I love you Shannon. There was AC on the subway too!! It was so annoying and freezing! I love you. I'm going to be running later on today <3