Tuesday, October 14, 2008

step away from the scale. i repeat step away from the scale

took it easy this morning, wasn't feeling so great. i think a lot of it is mental. when i'm not feeling so  great about myself my runs are harder. when i have a good positive attitude and i'm not so in my head and consumed by my thoughts my runs are much more enjoyable. i need to stay away from my scale, i feel like it assaults me with its flashing numbers every time i step on. remind me not to step on the scale before i run. its bad news. 

lydia said my hip flexor problem might have to do with the length of my stride.. i think that comes from playing soccer & coaches always telling us to lengthen our strides. my x-country coach used to tell us that too. i never thought my stride was that long though. i'll have to pay attention on my next run and focus on taking shorter strides. it also doesn't help that my legs are shaped very oddly. i remember the doctor telling my mom about my oddly shaped legs. i also remember the doctor telling her that my leg type makes for a faster runner too. i wonder why & how it relates to the mechanics of running. i want to find a good visual site that shows me this because i can't read about this stuff. i have to see it. anyway, want to trade legs? mine look funny. 

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Lydia said...

I agree, stay away from the scale! Pick one day a week to weigh yourself and go from there. Your gonna blow me and Jocelyn out of the water with your "odd shaped speed demon legs"!

If you remeber try to focus on whether or not your hips are rotating when you run, I think that's where the tweak on your hip flexior could be occuring. I would love to go get my stride analyized sometime, I think I lean forward a lot which ends up buggin my back.

Stay positive love! You are a beautiful unique snowflake ;-)